Organic strawberries – in time for the Wimbledon finals weekend!

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Just a quick update to let you all know that we should have our first organic strawberries ready for your boxes next week – perfect for the Wimbledon finals weekend!

Don't worry - the strawberries you'll receive will be slightly riper than these!

Don’t worry – the strawberries you’ll receive next week will be slightly riper than these!

We grow a variety called ‘Elan’, mainly because of its superb flavour, but also because it’s an ever-bearer – meaning the plants should (hopefully) continue to provide a steady crop through to late September. We think – ok, we KNOW! – you’ll notice a big difference between our organic strawberries and those you’ll find on the supermarket shelves. Supermarket buyers generally instruct their growers to use only specific varieties which have characteristics that make them more suitable for transporting via lorries and lengthy storage, rather than for their taste. As a result, they’re almost inevitably rather bland and ‘robust’ in texture! Our fruits may not last quite as long before they start to perish, but the flavour is just brilliant. Plus you can rest assured that, as we’re Soil Association-certified, we haven’t used any chemical insecticides whatsoever. Not to mention the many miles that supermarket strawberries will have travel to get to stores across the country…

Westmill Organics strawberries are picked and on your plate with a day or so, and travel from our farm to your door. A quick wash and they’re delicious as they are – or with a splash of organic cream and a dusting of sugar…

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