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Don’t Drive on the Grass!

Written by Pete Richardson. Posted in Latest News

IMG_3517Lots of cold hands out here today, picking fresh organic veg for this week’s boxes! With the challenges of mud and frost (and occasionally snow and ice!), it’s fair to day that getting veg out of the ground at this time of year is not always easy. But, thankfully, we’re not underwater like some unfortunate growers we know.

Although the mud (and cold and rain!) can be a bit of a pain, a real concern for organic farmers and growers at this time of year is the risk of soil compaction.

Excessive trampling the land and (particularly) driving heavy machinery like tractors over the soil is a real no-no when the land is so wet. It destroys the soil’s porous structure, limits air and water penetration, prohibits root penetration, and generally plays havoc with the delicate soil ecosystem–leading to limited availability of plant nutrients, greater disease risk, reduced crop yields, and so on.

While we have to walk the fields in order to harvest the crops, we NEVER drive machinery on the veg fields and always keep to hard roads and existing tracks when bringing the organic veg in from the fields. Unfortunately, the gateways and tracks (pictured) inevitably suffer in the wet…!

Pete Richardson

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